Types of hosting services
Having a Website today is essential in terms of circulating point of view, to promote a brand new business or simply staying up to date with the current trends. Because the e-mails have replaced paper letters long ago and users search for almost anything on the Internet, it is a smart idea to create a website where everyone can learn about you or your company – this is a way to get closer to you, to know what you think or what you offer. Let’s check out what you need to get to a website and the various hosting services you provide.

A Domain Name-The Web Address You Start With Must
First, you need a domain-this is the internet address that people will enter into your browser to search your website. It should be something that is easy to remember, but also something related to the theme of your website. People will always want something short and simple, and this is the first step towards achieving certain regular website visitors.

Select the correct domain extension for your domain name)
The domain consists of two elements-the name itself and the extension, or technically speaking-an SLD (second-level domain) and a TLD (top-level domain). As sample, if we want to get “sammbax.com” sammbax”is the SLD, and”.com ” is the Top-Level-domain-name . The Top-Level domain names are divided into generic TLDs -.com,. net,.information .biz, and country-code Top-Level domain name .us .de,.this, etc. While it .com/. net/.org Top-Level Domains are the most popular Top-Level domain names, some customers might be looking for a local company, so keep that in mind when choosing a domain name for your web portal. If you live in Spain, for example, one .it domain and a website in Spanish would probably be a more appropriate choice than one.com website in English. In this case, it would be good if you could encounter a website hosting service provider that offers you the opportunity to host many domains in the same account. This saves you time and effort as you manage all domains and sites from the same hosting control panel instead of constantly recording and management of this sector.

The Website Hosting Solution – the secret force behind every website
This leads us to the second service you need for your website with the domain name-the web hosting service itself. To make it clear, this is the content store on a company’s web server where your website files are hidden. If you write my-domain.com in a web browser, you can open the files hosted in your account with the hosting distributor. In fact, the hosting service is much more than that. It is a set of all the services that make your website accessible to the Internet.

Website bandwidth and traffic factors
The content is hosted on a Web hosting server and view this Web site content, the web hosting provider apports a certain amount of web site traffic to your web hosting account, which comes into play each time somebody arrives at your site. This quota can range from several hundred MB to unlabelled, based on the service provider. When you visit a website, the files of the site are copied from the Web server hosting on your computer and are then shown in your browser. A Website with many images or a substantial quantity of downloadable content would create much more web traffic, so this is a crucial detail when the time comes for you to choose a suitable shared website hosting plan.

“Lonex” – The Recommended Provider Of Hosting Solutions
Another functionality that comes with your hosting pack is the ability to create email mailboxes with your very personal domain. For a personal Website, this may be optional, but for a serious company, it’s more or less mandatory to have E-mail addresses that are using the company’s domain name. This makes the company more professional in the eyes of existing users and future customers. Depending on the hosting package, the amount of e-mail or the mailbox size may be restricted, but to remain up to date with what companies require, certain web hosting service providers like ‘Lonex Web Hosting’ offer an untold number of email boxes and an unlimited email mailbox size allowance, thus allowing the needs of businesses, large or small for you to live. So you can check emails from a desktop computer, personal digital assistant or even a mobile phone.

Database support (MySQL, Posgres, etc.)
For script-driven websites, almost all web hosting providers offer database support. A database is a collection of tables for managing and retrieving data on a web page. One of the most appropriate instances would be a forum-All user names, passwords, and messages of a forum stored in a database and accessed and displayed by the script discussion to the website, when it opens a particular page of a forum. This makes the website more effective as only the requested information is retrieved and displayed. The databases are used with most free open source scripts, incl. ecommerce websites, and they are an essential part of the usual web hosting solution these days. There are several types of database management systems-MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and so on. What you need depends on two conditions – which type(s) type (s) the given web hosting company supports, and which database management system of the script is necessary, you want to use. It is important to review these details before selecting a hosting provider.

FTP support (uploads, downloads)
Another service that usually comes with a website hosting package is FTP access. FTP means file transfer protocol, and is the most common method of copying files to Web site to or from a remote web server. You can upload your Website through a File Transfer Protocol client, but most web design applications also have a built-in FTP functionality, so you can upload all your website files with one mouse click directly from the software application used to create them. For future revisions, you simply need to change the website, and then upload the edited website files, which makes dealing with your Website is very easy and time-effective.

Additional Domain Services and Web App
Additional functions can be Domain Management, an online website builder and a PHP script installer. Though not necessarily offered by all hosting providers, due to the high demand for an all-encompassing Website hosting Solution, become part of the standard Web hosting plan.

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