Truth For Cloud Hosting
Curious Information About The Cloud Hosting Service
In fact, the real cloud hosting solution offers various Hosting services like disk storage, email, file transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, statistics, Webspace Hosting control panel, backup, etc. to separate High-End server packages. Each service group creates a Cluster. All Web Hosting servers in a Cluster serve only a specific service and nothing close. They will all work as one Server and share the service load in almost equivalent proportions. If an authentic cloud Hosting service exists, you must: Disk Storage Cluster, email Cluster, FTP Cluster, database Cluster (MySQL / PostgreSQL), DNS Cluster, statistics Cluster, webspace hosting CP Cluster, Backup Cluster and so on. All these different Service clusters will be a so-called cloud Hosting System.

Huge cloud site Hosting scam. Pretty Modern nowadays.
There are so many misunderstandings about cloud Web Hosting today. As you might notice, cloud Hosting seems not only complicated, but it is really extremely difficult. Most people don’t know at all what cloud Hosting is. Based on this general ignorance speculate” cloud Hosting Providers ” strongly only to secure the customer and his/her five dollars per month. What a pity! A great shame. This is because there are no principles at all in the Hosting business. The niche of the Domain industry, ICANN. The niche of the Website Hosting industry has no such self-administration. Therefore, speculate Website Hosting providers and tell lies openly (very directly, in fact) to their customers. In particular, cPanel-based cloud web hosting providers. Let’s check how much cloud Hosting you can really distribute.

Facts about cPanel Control Panel based on “cloud” Web Hosting company
If the cPanel-based Website Hosting Distributor has a cloud-based Web Hosting solution that is very unlikely, it is necessary to purchase many web servers. Which is not cheap. We will return to this subject at the end of this story. Let’s first see what the problems with the cloud are. Therefore, cPanel is very incredible for the Hosting company to have a cloud site Hosting System at Hand that takes years. Even when time and the provision of expert personnel are not a Problem, it is necessary to invest a lot of money. Batzen. In addition, cPanel is not Open Source. This is a great inconvenience.

No Open Source cloud Hosting platforms
There are no solutions for Open Source cloud Hosting. There are also Open-Source-Dashboard-user interfaces (functioning with the cloud Web page Hosting solution). So to have a cloud-based Website Hosting System at Hand, you must first develop it. Internal. Second, you need to develop Web Hosting CP.

A Server-Hosting-CP
Modern Web Hosting CP such as cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin et Al.built to work exclusively on a single Web Server. In this case Web Hosting services (as sample : data storage, email, file Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, statistics, CP, backup, etc.) are served simultaneously on one Server where these Web Hosting platforms are installed with a Server and cps-Web Hosting space.

The disadvantage of the Open-Source cps-Hosting-Website
So you should develop an integrated Dashboard that works seamlessly and integrates it into the cloud platform as if it were an integrated component. Suitable instances of own cloud Hosting solutions with own Web Hosting management Panels: MediaTemple, ResellersPanel, FreeHostia, Lonex, 50Webs and NTC Hosting.

The cost of equipment for placing a cloud site
The minimum investment needed only for a cloud-based Website that hosts Hardware is somewhere between $ 60, 000 and $ 80, 000. This is the omission of the DDoS device, which is another $ 15 to 20,000. Now you know how many cloud Hosting systems Websites can be discovered there… and especially why Sky Hosting is so Azure… and almost cloudless!